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Type 1 diabetes does not impair school performance

Primary school aged children with type 1 diabetes have educational

New Diabetes in Schools program launched

A new national program is set to ease the strain of type 1 diabetes on


You will probably be very reluctant to let your child out of your sight,

At school

Some children do not want anyone outside the family to know that they have

Hypos at school and sports

Carrying easily absorbed carbohydrate (e.g. fruit juice popper or glucose


Going to school

Going back to school after you're told you have diabetes might freak you

Diabetes in Schools Program

Parents and families of 11,000 Australian children with type 1 diabetes

Schools support for children with T1

A new diabetes in schools education and training program will make it

Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Schools

Learn about the needs of children living with type 1 diabetes Take

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